Single File PHP Gallery TEST FILE 1.5.1
1: PHP version: 7.3.27. ok.
2: PHP Memory limit: 256M
3: Checking required functions: All required functions found.
4: Checking GD version: GD version: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
5: Checking image type support: Support for: GIF JPG/JPEG PNG
6: Testing to find maximum image size handling: (1024²)(2048²)(4096²)(!8192²)-(6144²)(7168²)(7680²)(7936²)(!8064²)(8000²)(8032²)(!8048²)(8040²)(8044²)(!8046²)
6.1: Images need to have less than about 61.71 MPixels (8044 x 8044) for the script to make thumbs.
6.2: Rotating images will require twice the memory, so images needing rotation can be maximum 30.85 MPixels .
7: Checking to see if anything is added to script output: ok. Nothing is added
8: Checking file system permissions.
8.1: Creating test directory "./sfpg_test_temp_dir/sfpg_test_temp_dir_2/": ok.
8.2: Creating test file "./sfpg_test_temp_dir/sfpg_test_temp_dir_2/sfpg_test_temp_file.jpg.txt": ok.
8.3: Writing "sfpg file test string" to file: ok.
8.4: Closing file: ok.
8.5: Reading file content: ok.
8.6: Deleting test file: ok.
8.7: Deleting test directory "./sfpg_test_temp_dir/sfpg_test_temp_dir_2/": ok.
8.8: Deleting test directory "./sfpg_test_temp_dir/": ok.
9: Getting SERVER vars:
9.1: PHP_SELF: /grffls_pics/sfpg_test.php
9.2: SCRIPT_FILENAME: /home/lostindata/public_html/grffls_pics/sfpg_test.php
9.3: DOMAIN_NAME (only used if PayPal is enabled):
9.4: REQUEST_URI (only used if Password is set): /grffls_pics/sfpg_test.php